PRactice information

Practice Information

PsychCare Services Telehealth is a fully online private Youth Mental Health Practice that specialises in the assessments and management of Developmental and Mental Health Disorders for young people aged 12 to 25

Practice Hours

Tuesday to Friday 10am to 4pm


You will need a referral from your GP to arrange a Telehealth appointment with our Psychiatrists. Please note that we only see young people aged 12 to 25. PsychCare Services does not accept referrals for young people who have Substance Abuse Disorders, Gender or Identity Disorders or forensic issues. We also do not provide any WorkCover, medico-legal or court reports.


Due to recent changes with Medicare funding (Jan 2022) we are unfortunately unable to continue to Bulk Bill. Payment is required to be made in full at the time of your appointment. Initial appointment costs $420.00 (Medicare rebate of $233.75). Follow up appointments of 30 minutes costs $245 (Medicare rebate of $119.50)


All our appointments are now booked online. The initial assessment appointment lasts about 60 minutes and follow up appointments usually last 30mins. We have a long waiting list and we request that if you no longer need an appointment, you cancel your booking so other clients can be offered the appointment slot. A fee of $100 will be charged if you do not attend a confirmed appointment.

Assessment Reports

After your appointment, we send a report to your General Practitioner. The report contains a summary of key aspects of your history, the diagnostic impression and a comprehensive management plan. Your General Practitioner continues to provide you with ongoing care and monitoring.

Scripts and Investigations

Our Psychiatrists may recommend medications or blood tests for you. Your GP will be informed of our recommendations after your consult. For all scripts and blood tests, please contact your referring doctor.

Emergencies or Crisis Situations

PsychCare Services does not provide any emergency or crisis services. In case of any emergency or crisis, please call 000 or attend your nearest Emergency Department.